Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Never make decisions based on other's opinions"

This weekend was amazing! Since this was my birthday weekend I decided to do tons of things all weekend and it was very memorable. On Thursday (the day of my birthday) my boyfriend took me to a local sushi restaurant which we both LOVE! That same night we ended up going to a bar for another friend's birthday. On Friday we my friends/coworkers decided to take me on a surprise location. We went for lunch and then they took me to the San Antonio Winery! Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love wine! So it was very nice of them to take me :) That night we went to a gay nightclub for my birthday. I love going to places like these because everyone just seems so free and I love the energy it gives. Saturday my mom had a dinner for me at the house and all my friends and family came. The whole weekend was full of fun and laughs and I couldn't have celebrated it with anyone else! I will be posting a series of pictures of this weekend, so hopefully you all like them and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

1st Outfit:
Shirt: Express
Skirt: G Stage
Booties: V Generation
2nd Outfit:
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Shirt: Borrowed (mom's closet)
Jeans: H & M
Heels: Borrowed (mom's closet)

By the way I got another award a few days ago from Adriana on thelittlepetite . I will definitely make a post on it tomorrow to avoid making this one too long!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfits! You look great in yellow and your hair AMAZING. Cute blog girl! <3


Oana said...

You look gorgeous in both outfits!

I just started to follow you with GFC!
Hope you'll follow me back :)

xoxo, Oana