Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Always smile! It's contagious"

I wore this outfit to go run some errands. I really wish I could wear heels as comfortably as my fellow bloggers, but my feet do not want to cooperate with me. I have to opt for these type of shoes which I don't mind because they are cute too, but I just look so short with flat shoes *sigh* Anyway I finally got to wear my burgundy hat I've been waiting to wear since forever! Winter is zooming by so I'm trying to hold on to it as much as possible. However, the sun's rays are making me lose my grip! LOL in all honesty I can't wait for Spring to come and all the colors that come with it! Mainly I can't wait to see what other bloggers will wear! Hope you like my outfit and let me know what you think! Oh and by the way I'd like to give a special shout out to Estilomodala for giving me a blog award! That's twice in a week! I feel so lucky to have all of you even take a look at my blog! Here is the award! *Gracias linda, de verdad lo aprecio muchisimo!!*
-Nancy <3

My Outfit:
Hat: Target
Black Shirt: H & M
Pants: Citiwear
Vest: Old Navy
Boots: Shiloh (local boutique)
Earrings: Forever 21


Madre de cuatro said...

O mereces hermosa!!

Yo casi no uso tacones , los use toda mi vida y ahora ya no mas!! solo algunas veces , pero todos los dias ,NO , no los aguanto.

Ame tus botas!!



Beatrice Balaj said...

Aw thank you so much! :)
I love your boots. super trendy and cute!

Now following :)


The Fashion Philosophy said...

So pretty! Love that hat on you!

PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

ox from NYC,


Blanca1018♥ said...

Super cute outfit girl♥
Congrats on your award!

Paulina Mo, said...

Cute outfit, love the vest!! and the hat! I totally feel you on high heels... I refrain from buying the big ol' platformed ones, my feet can't handle them :(

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, you look amazing! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know!

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Looking so great!! I love the hat and your outfi!! :)

Your new follower :)

Check my blog too :)