Monday, April 30, 2012

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, but at the end of the day it's your personal touch that makes it just perfect"

Helloo everyone! Here I am joining the weekly challenge by nanysklozet , flordemariafashion , and ashesintofashion . This week's challenge was to wear black and white. I felt like this one would be pretty easy, but when I ended up putting my outfit together I felt like black and white was simply too plain. I ended up adding a pop of orange to it and I absolutely loved the outfit! Hope you all like it just as much and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

Top: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans and Ring: H & M
Heels: Plaza Mexico, Lynwood, CA

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Trust yourself first, and then everyone else"

Hi everyone! So again here I am apologizing for the lack of posts! I really hate skipping so many days, weeks and this case almost a month! I know there's really no excuse, but lately I've found it easier to posts my looks on instagram. But I really have missed blogging and here I am it with a brand new posts and a lot of outfits in mind I want to share! So I wanted to do something a little different this time and I came up with a day to night outfit post. I just want to show you all that with a few pieces you can totally change your look without having to spend tons of money, or changing your outfit completely. I will explain with the pictures how I accomplished the look. Hope you all like it and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3
Okay so the first outfit is very casual. I added the satchel because it's easier for me to run errands and not have to worry about my purse falling off my shoulders. I wanted to add the leopard flats to add a little extra touch to the outfit. In the night outfit I wanted to keep that leopard touch because I thought it went well with the outfit. I added a flowy blazer to keep the look together, heels, a neon bracelet, and you can't see in this pic but I did my hair differently. You'll see it in the next few pics! Again sorry for the lack of posts, but I appreciate all of your sweet comments and support!

Day Outfit:
Jeans/Satchel: H & M
Flats: Flea Market
Shirt: Citiwear

Night Outfit:
Blazer: Fashion Q
Heels: Plaza Mexico, Lynwood, CA
Clutch: H & M

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Beauty does not come from the outside, it comes and exudes from within"

Today I went out to dinner with a few friends and decided to wear a new top I got from a local store. I'm not very good at colorblocking (or at least have never tried) so I decided to buy this shirt that basically colorblocks for me without the effort. I really wanted the shirt to stand out so I paired it with white jeans. Hope you all like the outfit and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

Shirt: Local Boutique
Jeans: H & M
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Shiloh