Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Putting positive thoughts into the universe will only bring you back positive energy. So don't let the negative energy take over your life and put the positive out there."

So I'm really excited for this post because I won my very first blog award!! Olivia from bklynlifestyle nominated me for this award and I am at a loss of words! I've only been doing this for a few months now and as I've mentioned before ALL of your comments mean the world to me! And this just made my day like no other! I've mentioned Olivia's blog a couple of times in the past two posts because I really love her blog! Okay so enough of my blabbing. So here are the rules for the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Write 7 random things about yourself
3. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

7 Random things: 
1. I am completely in love with the show Fringe! I'm not sure if any of you have seen it, but if you haven't I definitely recommend it! the fourth season starts September 23rd!
2. I have a really bad nail biting habit! I swear I can't stop!
3. For some reason when I text people(and when I'm writing comments or posting on my blog) I always include either alot of !,  (LOL) 's or :) . I dont know I always feel like people sound so drab in their texts or they often misinterpret your texts, so to avoid any conflict I always add one of those things! lol.. They can't possibly think you're mad or something if you add those things!
4. I am Mexican and fluent in Spanish and can read and write perfectly in Spanish!I sometimes even correct my mom when she misspells a word. (I know a lot of you have seen a few of my comments in Spanish, but still I thought I'd put it out there for those of you who don't know.) 
5. I have the biggest pet peeve when there are grammatical errors in books or anything that is written. I know that a lot of my posts don't have the best grammar, But it really drives me crazy when there are numerous errors. (I guess that kind of makes me crazy)
6. If I could go anywhere in the world it would probably be Greece. The food, landscape, architecture all seem very interesting to me. 
7. My favorite band of all time is Coldplay! I love their music and there's mot one song I don't like! Their lyrics are so poetic and really touch me in many ways. 

Okay so I seriously follow and LOVE so many blogs so this was a hard choice for me, BUT I do have some that are currently my favorite: (I won't put Olivia's since she nominated me, BUT she is currently one of my favorites!)

1. loveoffashion22- Love her style and her personality! The way she puts together her outfits is amazing to me!
2. nanysklozet - I know she probably gets so many of these, but I love the her blog so much! She is such a big inspiration to me and her creativity never seizes to amaze me. i also really love the fact that she comments to a lot of bloggers and is in touch with many of her followers! 
3. ashesintofashion- Shes so gorgeous! But not only that her personality really shines through the camera! 
4. lilbitsofchic- Love that she shows a lot of personality in her posts! I feel like i know her as a person just by reading them!
5. cheetokisses- I love this girl! I feel like we're friends now! lol. But seriously I always enjoy reading her nice comments and her blog! 
6. beautyfash- i love the fact that she not only posts her outfits, but also things that she cooks! She seems to be an amazing mother and wife and her fashion sense is on point!
7. fashionbeautyglamour- She doesn't do outfit posts, but she posts a lot of things about the Kardashian style (which I loove!) and I also love that she posts different things that inspire her.
8. notwithoutmyheels- I love her fashion sense! All of her outfits look so great on her!
9. mariannan- Her style is very different yet simple and she seems like such a sweet girl!
10. fashionbananas- Her style seems like from another era, yet very modern and with her own personal twist. 
11. maytedoll- Love that she does so many Kardashian recreations!
12. mariacamilascloset- Her look is so classy and still sexy at the same time! I love reading all her posts!
13. alishafashionista- She also has a different style and a great fashion sense!
14. nosiinmiistacones- Her style is so effortless and simple, but it fits her very well!
15. dulcecandy- Finally the one and only dulce! This girl can seriously rock an outfit! Anything goes with her and her bubbly personality is a plus! She's one of the main reasons I started blogging!

Again there's so many blogs I really love! You are all an inspiration to me and are very unique in your own way.
-Nancy <3

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Anonymous said...

I think im finally able to comment on yoru blog so thank you for adding me to the list of bloggers that i follow as well.

you deserve this award and keep the blog post coming!