Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Wishlist

Okay so I know a lot of people are doing wish lists for the month, but I decided to do something a little differently and do one just for the fall season since most of my items are a little pricey. I'm trying to control my shopping and expenses this year so making this list will definitely help me! Okay so here it is, I will be making a post every time I get one of the items on the list. Let me know what you guys think!
-Nancy <3
Fall Wishlist

  1. Orange knit sweater- I'm really loving anything knit for the fall. I don't really own anythin

1. Orange knit sweater- Okay so I love the color on this knit sweater and I have already thought of a million ways I can wear this! 
2. Military Vest- So I saw this vest on a blog and I thought it was soo cute! She bought it at Old Navy and I'm hoping I can still find it there!
3. Black Tights- I've owned so many tights through the years, but I always find myself buying some every single year because I wear them so much during the winter. So again they are on my shopping list!
4. Fur Vest- So this one I'm really excited about because I've been wanting one since last year! I finally gained the courage to get one so hopefully I find a cute one with a great price!
5. Burgundy Jeans- I'm really liking the colored jeans trend, but I already own two pairs of very bright jeans  soo I want some that aren't as bright. This color is also perfect for the fall and there's many ways I can wear them.
6. Leopard Flats- I normally don't get flats because I always have a hard time keeping them clean, BUT I need something other than boots and I definitely can't wear sandals for the fall. I love anything animal print so I'm excited to get these babies!
7. Tan Boots- I absolutely looove looove loove tan boots! I love the color and I think they go with any outfit! Last year I wasn't able to buy any tan boots so I had to stick with black ones, which I think made my outfits look so drab and similar to each other. So I am making it my mission to get these!


Olivia said...

Hey Nancy,

So the last time I check, the Old Navy vest was half off! You should check online before it sells out- I love this vest and I have to actively restrain myself from wearing it too much- it go's with everything. I love your blog and I'm following!


Paulina Mo, said...

I agree with your picks!! those are great items for fall :)


Shopalot12 said...

So I love your choices, as for the fur vest, Kohls has one by vera wang, it's on sale for about $45.00! Check online and see if you like it. I think its nice, good price and doesn't look or feel cheap!

FanceeeNanceee said...

thanks for the advice girls! I will definitely check it out!

Updates By Her said...

I love everything! :)

P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog!