Monday, April 30, 2012

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, but at the end of the day it's your personal touch that makes it just perfect"

Helloo everyone! Here I am joining the weekly challenge by nanysklozet , flordemariafashion , and ashesintofashion . This week's challenge was to wear black and white. I felt like this one would be pretty easy, but when I ended up putting my outfit together I felt like black and white was simply too plain. I ended up adding a pop of orange to it and I absolutely loved the outfit! Hope you all like it just as much and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

Top: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans and Ring: H & M
Heels: Plaza Mexico, Lynwood, CA


Unknown said...

Hi Nancy! Lovely outfit, you look great. I love the shoes ;o)... Thank you for following and see you soon. Xoxo V.V.

caise said...

I definitely have to buy white pants! you look lovely! and I also love your make up :-)

Adriana said...

Love the outfit, you got your top at Buffalo Exchange?? It's so cute. I need to stop by Buffalo Exchange I haven't been there in a while. I forget how many cute things they have.

Madre de cuatro said...

Hola reina, que linda! preciosa la camisa ;)!
Besotes!! buena semana y feliz día ;)

Vivid said...

Love your boots!! <333

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pqaua1991 said...

Beautiful outfit:)

mayitapink said...

OMG que hermosos tus zapatos!! =)

Mrsdisario said...

I love those 3 colors, you look super cute!


Dember Lache said...

Very cute outfit!!! You're so pretty :) have a great week! XO

MuffinCannibal said...

Amazing outfit, I loove your shoes!! <3
I've followed you ;>


Maria Sself said...

Gorgeous! as always;-)))

Anobano's Blog said...

Fabulous post! Loved ur blog
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Follow each other?
Come back to my blog to follow each other :) I ll follow definitely)

Ewa said...

beautifull look, i love you shoes!



Unknown said...

Me he enamorado completamente de tus zapatos :)

mayitapink said...

Awww tus zapatos <3<3

magnes said...

amazing outfit, I've just started following you.

Paulina Mo, said...

so pretty! I love the pop of color in the shoes girly!