Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Days in Blazers: Navy Blue

This is the newest addition to my blazer collection and I have to say I'm really in love with it! I wanted to get one ever since I saw it on Ashley from ashesintofashion . Ever since then I really wanted to recreate her outfit. So since I am showing how versatile our blazers can really be I decided to recreate her outfit for this series. I hope you all like it and let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

My Outfit:
Blazer: Goodwill
White Shirt: H & M
Pants: Forever 21
Purse: Downtown L.A.
Flats: Local Boutique


Madre de cuatro said...

Pue te queda genial . los blazer son geniales porque los puedes usar con algo formal o informal, verdad?

Destaco la hermosura de tu bolso!!!


~Jeimy~ said...

wow i love this look you managed to look comfy and chic at the same time I think Im gonna try this 5day in a blazer challenge you're doing great



Diana said...

you look great! i love this blazer series :D

Unknown said...

aww I love how you changed it up with flats :) I always carry a pair in my purse lol you did great, tweeting this right now :)

Camilascloset said...

Really like this look & ur bag is fab!

FanceeeNanceee said...

Estilo Moda: Si me encanta que los puedes usar con todo!
Jeimy: Oooh I really hope you try it! It's amazing how many outfits you can put together with blazers.
Diana: Thanks girl! I'm thinking of doing different series every now and then :)
Ashley: Thanks for the tweet! I really appreciate it! And I wish I could wear heels, but honestly they hurt my feet so bad! Seriously admire any girl that can last in them :)
Maria Camila: Thank You! This is one of my favorite purses :)

Maja Mladenovic said...

Me gusta este look :)

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Great blazer gives you great structure omg the good will that's crazy !!! Looks amazing

Unknown said...

You are being very good weith your challenge. I like how the blue pops with the brown handbag.

Madre de cuatro said...

Gracias por pasarte por el blog reina , besos!!