Friday, November 4, 2011

"I've fought many rivals, the worst ones were those that called themselves my friends"

Hey girls! This week has been pretty stressful! I've been running around trying to find a car I really like, but so far NO LUCK :( Hopefully I will soon find one that I really like! I'm trying to stay positive, so that only positive things will come my way :) So I have a few set of pictures I want to show you all. The first one is a picture of what my boyfriend and I dressed up as for Halloween and the second ones are what I wore today. It rained today so it was the perfect day to bring out my scarf and blazer. Let me know what you think!
-Nancy <3

My outfit:
Blazer, booties: Citiwear
Scarf and Vneck: Forever 21
Earrings: G Stage

I won another giveaway! I'm not sure if you remember, but I've been OBSESSED with red lipstick lately! This is the perfect shade and it goes on so smooth. I won this from fashionbeautyglamour and she sent me a really nice postcard to go along with it. So thanks Tanja, I will definitely put this to good use :) Check out her blog, I'm secretly obsessed with it :) 


Mrsdisario said...

ohh... i love the cute booties...
and yeah!! im into red lisptick too :)


Paulina Mo, said...

My bf and I were nerds too! how cute!... love your outfit girly :)


Diana said...

cute outfit! i am dying to find a red scarf haven't found one yet. Anyway good luck with the car hunting.

FanceeeNanceee said...

Milena: i know right? It just makes your everything stand out
Pau: how cute! I guess we were in sync :)
diana: they have some really cute ones at forever 21 for a pretty good price. You should definitely check them out. And thanks the whole car hunting thing is getting pretty old already! I really need the luck :)

Tanja Ayesha said...

sweet of you to mention me doll. Love your blog:) you have a great sense of style

Anonymous said...

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