Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy"

I was feeling a little under the weather today so I decided to treat myself with a little shopping. I'm not too much of a big spender on clothes unless it's something I TRULY want or need. I was look for the best deals in stores and something I can dress up or down. So here is a picture of a few things I bought today. By the way my boyfriend is going to be in his cousin's wedding on Sunday and I tried finding a dress, but I had no luck. Hopefully I'll find one on Thursday when I go shopping with my friend. Anyway here are the prices of my amazing deals!

All shirts- Forever 21
white and black
Jeans- JC Penney
I had a coupon so they cost me $10.76!!
Earrings- G Stage


Nadia said...
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Unknown said...

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FanceeeNanceee said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it! I will definitely check out your blog.